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    廢坑道 (by ADporter design)

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    Rapha lightweight  climbing shoes via velonews


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    HOLM MOSS, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 06: Spectators make their way up a hill called Holm Moss in Yorkshire as they get ready to watch Stage 2 of the Tour de France on July 6, 2014 in Holm Moss, United Kingdom. The world’s greatest cycle race, the Tour de France started for the first time in its history in Yorkshire this weekend. The event has brought thousands of cycling fans to Yorkshire. (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images) (via Cycling - Photo Gallery - Yahoo Sports)


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    Cinelli Mash Parallax

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    Flanders is a special place


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    Mudfoot Dirty Hundo Pt 2

    So an idea became a plan and a plan became a van and that van was filled with six bikes, seven dudes and a whole lotta up dog.  

    We didn’t totally know what to expect, on and off the road in the dry palace of the Los Angeles mountains. We were two teams, most of us messengers, representing TCB Courier and King Kog. The most any of us had ridden in the last week was 70-miles with 7,000 ft of elevation - a few hairs short of what lay ahead. There didn’t seem to be many stakes for our participation in this daunting undertaking, save the personal ones. A sense of accomplishment and the confidence of ones ability to shred the unshreddable awaited at the end of this 90-mile epic, as long as you didn’t succumb to nature or a mechanical.  

    Gracious volunteers and a host that seemed to thrive on his racers suffering made everything run buttery smooth though, as we let our bodies & mind wander and wonder how much more they could take.

    The community of Mudfoot exists in obscurity to most, as it should.  Just like the idea that brought us down south, their idea keeps them together but never stagnant. Trailblazing on our steeds is truly representative of our ability to stand up on loose ground. 

    The Bay Area was thoroughly represented beyond our humble troup of scumbags. Team Vive La Tarte pulled an impressive victory that was at least partially fueled by fried chicken and coke at Redbox. Our young friends from Daly City on Team 18,000,000 Speed leapt over the usual hurdle and drove through the night, only to catch a few hours outside of Golden Saddle Cyclery before pedaling again. My accomplices at Cadence were present, ready and willing for the task at hand. “Little” Kyle from Team Fresh Air Hunter rode to the dirt entrance from his parents house, just to flex his hometown muscle.  There were pros, randos, single speeders and casual cruisers in the mix from sunrise to sunset in the Angeles National Forest.  

    Without question, our lack of expectations were fulfilled by the end of the Dirty Hundo. We were challenged and inspired, tried and lifted, worn out and well fed. Thanks to Mudfoot, Golden Saddle Cyclery, Moi, Kyle and all the friends who made the weekend possible!

    Shot using a Mamiya 645, Canon EOS 1v and Contax T2. All loaded with Portra 400.

    More images to come here and via a short photo book being published through Cadence

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    #pinkwall #baaw #nnrcc #melburn #godandfamous #nevernotriding #roadbike #campagnolo #bikelife #specialized #mavic #greengrass #ritchey #cannondale #totalrush

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    Cinque Terre, Italy (by Lizandro Chrestenzen)